The Album


The new album reflects the band’s distinct blend of melodic

elements within unusual harmonic and rhythmical textures,

painting a finely detailed sonic image of rich colors and

accented bold lines.



“Kukushai are not your usual jazz band at all. Sometimes it seems they just go crazy and fight through the huge genre palette of punk, rock, pop and anything alternative.” BEEHYPE

The trio in its unconventional nature, weaves the songs

together and seeks new possibilities in expression within

the fields of alternative genres, but does not bypass

musical nostalgia for novelty’s sake. Live, the compositions

enable open improvisation that gives way to musical

freedom, which results in an impressive, rich and above all,

characteristic sound story.

The lyrics are playful, often surrealist, but predominantly

expressing the bewilderment of man in the world he wants

to control but has no real grasp of.


Rok Zalokar

multi-awarded pianist & composer


Eva Poženel

a multidisciplinary artist, combining classical, jazz, folk & modern singing


Bojan Krhlanko

independent drummer & composer, combining wide range of music expression

Listen to a live version of Her Mountain at Švicarija, Ljubljana.


Live recordings from the studio


 Kukushai playing "Fruits" live at Urbano Dejanje in Ljubljana on August 7, 2017.

Oh Brothers, the lyrics are taken from a poem by a well known Slovenian poet, Srecko Kosovel, translated into English. It reflects the ambivalence of human nature, the absurd reality of our lives, the eternal confusion, the beauty and terror of our own creation.



/ 2018

3.5. Narodni dom, Maribor

5.5. MKC Hisa mladih, Ajdovscina

5.7. Repete, Ljubljana

26.7. Švicarija, Ljubljana


02.02. Ment, Ljubljana

08.02. Max Club, Velenje

09.02. Hangar bar, Izola

/ 2017

10.5. Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

8.7. - Sajeta Art & Music festival, Tolmin

12.7. - Gala Hala, Ljubljana

15.7. Keltika, Cerkno

7.8. Urbano Dejanje festival, Ljubljana

19.09. Celica, Ljubljana

14.12. Pritličje, Ljubljana



Live at Kino Šiška, May 2017.  Photo :Aleš Rosa/Kino Šiška

Live at Kino Šiška, May 2017.

Photo :Aleš Rosa/Kino Šiška